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Daniel Fitzgerald


Jul 2010 - 2 yrs - Director of Sales and Marketing
UAV Vision

As mentioned below in the entry under AeroSys Pty Ltd, I am now acting in the capacity of Sales and Marketing Director for UAV Vision. I have had significant experience with the products that are being sold, as I have been involved with the development of the camera gimbal systems since the beginning in around 2006. The estabilised camera systems are now a full production system, and the company is actively selling these products around the globe in addition to a full range of accessories that provides complete solution for UAVs, manned aircraft and other vehicles such as ground vehicles are marine vessels.

For more information visit:

Jan 2010 - 7 mths - Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation
Project / Operations Manager

Short term appointment with the group that I was formally a part of upon returning to Brisbane for family reasons. I worked in this role for approximately 4 months, before moving to work in my own company full time in June 2010. Refer separate entry below (AeroSys Pty Ltd).

In my role here I was in charge of a multi-million dollar project that involved the development of an autonomous system for a manned aircraft to guide the aeroplane precisely above powerlines for data capture. The system prototype was proven and the project is currently in a commercialisation stage, with the rollout of this, the largest power line data capture in the world scheduled for 2011.

Aug 2009 - 1 yr - Head of Avionics Research & Development, Senior Aerospace Avionics Engineer
Cyber Technology WA

Full time permanent role as the head of all avionics research and development for the company. Through my time here, I built up a specialist team of Mechatronics engineers, computer science specialists and other university students. The team I managed was approximately 10 people.

The specifics of the role was to head up the in-house development of the complete avionics system onboard the UAV aircraft (autopilot, power systems, engine management, communications), as well as all ground control systems to interface to the UAV (user interfaces, configuration, flight control, communications). This included the complete specification of the entire project - project management plan (budgets, timelines and personnel), presentations for securing funding for the project, hiring and managing personnel, and the specification, design and flight testing phases of the project. The project is ongoing.

Other duties included writing reports for the company to gain R&D tax refunds equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

May 2006 - 2 yrs - Aerial Robotics Group, Autonomous Systems Laboratory, ICT Centre, CSIRO
CSIRO Research Scientist

Full time employment as a research scientist. The main objective of the project I was involved with was to develop a dependable mini helicopter system for civilian inspection and search tasks close to obstacles. These operations are to be performed by one operator, beyond line of sight, in common airspace and in typical Queensland weather conditions.

Typical inspection and search task applications include: Power line inspection;Structural inspection (eg: cooling tower inspection); and Disaster assessment and search of victims.

Incorporating dependable autonomous on-board subsystems with suitable perception and control capabilities reduces the number of operators, relates the requirements on communication links, and enables to fly safely in common airspace. The CSIRO helicopter system will enable future missions to be more effective and efficient.

Duties here involved autonomous hardware and software development for the UAV helicopter, vision tracking algorithms, development of a complete ground operation station, flight testing, flight testing regulations, OH&S policies etc.

Feb 2005 - 1 mth - John Deere Limited
Contract Work

Job Description

  •  Concept and development of a website for New Zealand John Deere dealers to upload used equipment for sale
  • A publisher could then log on and gather all items for sale to produce a used equipment for sale magazine
  • Systems engineering practises, website development – html, php, java, database development - MySQL

Apr 2004 - 1 yr - Queensland University of Technology

Electrical Engineering Design 1 (EEB584 - 3rd Year)

Aug 2003 - 3 yrs - Queensland University of Technology
Postgraduate Research

Candidate Landing Site Selection for UAV Forced Landings using Machine Vision

Jan 2003 - Working at present - AeroSys Pty Ltd

I am the sole director of this company that has been operating since 2003. The main purpose of the company has been to develop and promote an aircraft maintenance program. This system is in use by a number of Australian aircraft maintenance companies and continues to grow.There has also been discussions with some overseas distributors to promote the product into the large US general aviation market.

The main focus of the company now is on the sales and marketing of stabilised camera gimbal systems that have been developed in partnership with UAV Vision( )

Position & Responsibilities

  •  Company Director
  •  Software Engineer – significant C#.NET experience, SQL & XML database programming
  •  Website Design and Administration – significant html, PHP and java experience
  •  Public Relations
  •  Marketing
  •  Business
  •  Accounting

Nov 2002 - 3 yrs - Aircraft Engineers and Associates Pty Ltd
Contract Work

Skills attained / responsibilities :

  •  The contract was to rewrite the entire software maintenance system
  •  Research into the existing system and commercial regulations was conducted
  •  Regular consultations were held with the customer to write the software specifically to their needs
  •  Significant knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, including XML databases and Crystal Reports
  •  The software – Aircraft Maintenance Scheduler – was released commercially early 2005

Mar 2002 - 3 yrs - Queensland University of Technology

Tutored a number of subjects throughout the course of my studies including: Analogue and Digital Electronics; Industrial Electronics and Digital Design, Electrical Engineering and Design 1; Navigation Systems for Aircraft and Space, to name a few.

Skill Set

Electronics & Computer programming : 10/10


Aug 2003 - 3 yrs - Doctor of Philosophy

Candidate Landing Site Selection for UAV Forced Landings using Machine Vision

Apr 1999 - 3 yrs - Bachelor of Engineering – Aerospace Avionics

First Class Honours Queensland University of Technology, Minor in Systems Engineering GPA: 6.1

Jun 1993 - 5 yrs - Year 12 Senior Certificate - Villanova Secondary College

Overall Position (OP) – 1 Very High Achievements: Physics, Mathematics B, Mathematics C, Information Processing and Technology, Chemistry, English


Professor Rod Walker
Dr Jonathan Roberts
Lennon Cork
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